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What happens if the system cannot run anymore? | TBC BTC DE


What happens if the system cannot run anymore?


This is a very important question which is asked in any or all systems and most systems/platforms will simply answer β€œsorry if the system fails everything will be over and all is lost”.

Well we at TBC BTC Donation Exchange would like everyone to understand how we work and again, why we are different.

First, no one can ever say all will be perfect and that the system will last forever, so we decided to put certain things in place to cover our team members. We have a policy in place which will come into effect immediately should the system crash or fail. We call it the β€œRefund Procedure”.

The Refund Procedure will ensure that nobody loses any funds by calculating what you physically put in through capturing your txid of Bitcoin, amount you put in with Bitcoin and then subtracting it from the total you earned to date. This will ensure that you never lose anything and that at worst case break even.

The audit of each account and process will take approximately 20 to 25 working days (Monday to Friday) as this is a very big task and each of the accounts will be audited individually to ensure we refund correctly.

This is a promise and we will stand by this.

Kind Regards




Withdrawals Opening - Important Update | TBC BTC DE

πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒWithdrawal System OpeningπŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ

Dear members we are now ready to go live with the withdrawal system after testing it with the admins to ensure we have all correct in place. The following is needed to complete a withdrawals

(1) Go to Withdrawal
(2) You will see Account Balance. The Total is combined between Earnings in Bitcoin and Commissions
(3) There will be a select option. You need to click on the tick box next to Bitcoin. It will show you how much you have available to withdraw.
(4) Enter the amount you want to withdraw. The amount must be same or less that the amount shown next to Bitcoin
(5) Underneath that is Comments. Please here you need to add your Bitcoin Wallet that you want your payment to go to. This is done to ensure we always have the latest of your wallet to pay. If there is no wallet on the withdrawal comment we will cancel the withdrawal. No questions asked.
(6) Now press Request. Your Request for withdrawal will now go into the withdrawal line for processing

πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒVery Important Factors to Consider and Remember regarding WithdrawalsπŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ

Cut of time for any withdrawal to be processed Sunday 12pm South African Time
Payout as per request of members will be on a Monday – Through out the whole day
Minimum Withdrawal is $10

Again we please ask all members to join our Important Update Group and here is the link to it
This group is where all information will be posted. Please do the effort and join the group



Withdrawals, Payments and Reinvestments | TBC BTC DE

πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒWithdrawals, Payments and ReinvestmentsπŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ

Dear members we are getting close to have the withdrawal system done and having the error sorted.
We will be ready to open the withdrawals from early next week and payments will run next Friday if all goes to plan. We are working as hard as possible to get you all sorted.

On the withdrawal system you will see you can only withdraw from your earnings and not commissions. This is the way the system was meant to be. Commissions can only be used to buy new packages / reinvest into the system. Even though the system shows the referral commission on the withdrawal page it will not process the request at all.

Many people seem to miss understood the Reinvestments. You can now reinvest at any given time on any given day. Things to consider is the following. Each package needs to run a minimum of 7days to earn so if you want to earn of it the following pay run you will need to plan for it accordingly.

Our payment system will run on a Friday after 12pm South African time once we have started with payments from next week.

We appreciate the support



Please update your information in theback office | TBC BTC DE

πŸ“ŒπŸ“ŒAccount Information to be updatedπŸ“ŒπŸ“Œ

Please can everyone log in to their back offices and under Edit Account please complete your Bitcoin wallet with your latest and most accurate Bitcoin Wallet Address. Once you are done please press the Send Button under the email address. Please make sure all info is up to date. We do not take responsibility for any faulty info loaded onto the system. This is a very important step to complete. No exceptions and all must complete this step.



Urgent Announcement - Error in System | TBC BTC DE

Dawid Dorfling, [11.07.19 08:45]
a Massive error has come into the coding calculation of the Commission and Earnings and the system is calculating Profit Earned and Commission to one central point where people can withdraw the commission. This is not how the system is made to run. All withdrawals will be cancelled and the programmer will fix the error.Once done we will ask all to submit their withdrawals. We can not afford to do things wrong so I rather fix this before it becomes a serious nightmare


Good Evening all members. Our App is ready to be downloaded from Our Information Group >>> >>> Please join the group and get all important updates here


Dear Members

Many or all of you will see a withdrawal made on your account. This has been done by us. The previous system never took of the amounts that we paid out and in order for the new system to correctly function it made a withdrawal to balance out the earnings previously paid out otherwise we the system would have had to pay it out again.

I have checked this with our programming team. Then also some members had packages that expired in this time we went offline but before we went offline we made a list so that you dont loose any payments. If you are due a specific amount we will credit that anount to your account on the specific date as profit. We can not load as package again as it will then have 70days again which is wrong because it will earn far more than the needed.

There are some people that paid after we went offline. These packages will be loaded manually after proof has been given.

We are working super hard to make this work for everyone.

Best Regards


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Privacy Policy

All personal data which you provide the company are stored in an environment of strict confidentiality and are protected by the Law on protection of personal data. All your personal data can be used by the company only for optimization of donation interaction between and Member, and also for improvement of quality of the provided services