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Club BTC International – FAQ

What is Club BTC International

Club BTC International is a system offering people UP TO 25% monthly on their current donation balance they have in the system. This creates a residual income for the members.

Can I request my donation back at any given time?

No. We do not offer refunds. Any deposit will be locked in for 6 months, after which you would have received your seed capital back. In the unlikely event that we might close down, or unforeseen circumstances, we will activate a refund protocol.

We gather basic info like Name, Surname, Email Address and Bitcoin Wallet Address etc. How safe is my information?

Very safe. We will use it only for the purpose of communicating with you. We will not sell your information to a 3rd party. We will use your Wallet Address for Pay-out purposes and verification purposes. We will also use your info for future marketing purposes from our programs and platforms.

Can I have more than ONE Account in the system?

No. You are only allowed one account. Any additional accounts will result in immediate closure. You will be removed from the system and will not be allowed onto our system again. Complete Block.

What Crypto Currency do I need to fund a deposit?

Bitcoin at the moment but we may add other Currencies at a later stage.

How do I fund a deposit?

Go to the deposits page and choose a deposit plan. Follow the steps on the page.

How long does it take for my deposit to be active?

The deposits are automatically confirmed on the Blockchain, and may be anything from 10minutes to a couple of hours?

How will I know my deposit was successful?

You will receive an email notification.

What is the duration of a deposit?

Each new donation will be active for the lifetime of your account/system. We can not see what the future holds but we will do our best to go on.

You will receive up to 25% per month return on your active deposit. Can the return be more than 25%?

No, and we do not guarantee 25% per month. Our traders do their best to return up to 25% per month, but nothing in life is guaranteed, so we pay UP TO 25% PER month

When do I get this return?

Depending on your membership status, you will receive return from $100 plus active deposits with option for compounding for an amount range between $100 and $500. All active deposits balances in the range $500 to $15000, will receive payout on the last Wednesday of the month, for the previous month pay period.

I see on the Telegram Group that members have received pay-outs and I have not yet?

Please allow up to 24 hours for any pay-run to reflect in your wallet.

What can I do after 24 hours and haven’t received pay-out?

First off all, make sure you have an active deposit and that your BTC address is correct on your profile. Also make sure your deposits was received and confirmed before the cut-off time. If all is correct, feel free to connect with an admin that will assist you..

What happens to my donation after I loaded and paid it?

BYour deposit is transferred to our Traders Account where we let our Professional Traders trade the capital on Forex and Crypto Markets.

All data of profiles and personal information is stored on secure servers. We will not lose that data and we will be able to restore all information as needed.

Do you have maintenance down-time on the system?

We might from time to time have to take the system off-line for maintenance.

Will the exchange be open over the December Festive Season?

The program will close over the festive season. Please see updates and specifics on our telegram group.

Do you have an age restriction to your program?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to participate in the exchange.

Can I transfer my account to a relative or friend?

EOnly with written approval from admin. You will need to contact admin and provide details of the change for them to approve.

Can my family inherit my account?

Yes. Speak to admin and we will assist you. There might be certain restrictions that apply.

Know more?

Connect with us on our Telegram Group: We have a beautiful Community of members system.

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Privacy Policy

All personal data which you provide the company are stored in an environment of strict confidentiality and are protected by the Law on protection of personal data. All your personal data can be used by the company only for optimization of donation interaction between and Member, and also for improvement of quality of the provided services