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Questions and Answers Information page for users

Creating a New Account (Video Tutorial)

Depositing into a Account (Video Tutorial)

Making Withdrawal Request (Video Tutorial)

What is TBC BTC DE?

The TBC BTC Donation Exchange was primarily created to assist existing TBC (Kringle) owners to exchange TBC (Kringle) for Bitcoin.

What is TBC (Kringle)?

TBC is the abbreviation for The Billion Coin – 1 TBC = 1,000,000 Kringle The coin was created to eradicate poverty. It is a Private Coin, thus only available from members within the Closed Community.

What is the difference between Bitcoin and The Billion Coin?

Where BTC is open source and available freely on all Crypto Exchanges, TBC is on it’s own Private Blockchain (closed source) and only available from the members within the community.

Can I buy TBC?

Yes. You can buy TBC from these members in the TBC community that are trusted sellers.

If I dont have Kringles how can I get so that I may participate in the system

Please watch the following video to see exactly what to do then visit to purchase your needed package. You can also find this link under New Donations at the bottom

TBC BTC DE Kringle Pack Purchase from Perfect Wealth Creation on Vimeo.

What is a trusted seller?

A trusted seller is a member of the TBC community who is verified by TBC admin as a PAID member with a legitimate profile. Trusted sellers are members who understand the value of the TBC coin and will honour the rules of the TBC community.

What is the value of TBC?

The value of the coin is against a grain of gold – more or less between $8 & $9 per Kringle – Market Value of Gold

Is there a fee for being part of The Billion Coin?

Yes. There is wallet fee of +/- $20 per month – this will enable you to send Kringle from your wallet.

Do I need money to open an account in TBC BTC DE?

No. You can open a FREE account.

What information is gathered from me when I open a FREE account?

We gather basic info like Name, Surname, Email Address, Bitcoin Wallet Address, TBC Wallet Address etc.

How safe is my information?

Very safe. We will use it only for the purpose of communicating with you. We will not sell your information to a 3rd party. We will use your Wallet Address for Pay-out purposes and verification purposes. We will also use your info for future marketing purposes from our programs and platforms.

Can I have more than ONE Account in the Exchange?

No. You are only allowed one account. Any additional accounts will result in immediate closure. You will be removed from the system and will not be allowed onto our system again. Complete Block.

What Crypto Currency do I need to fund a deposit?

Bitcoin – BTC. Other Crypto Currencies might be added in future. See deposits page for more info.

How do I fund a deposit?

Go to the deposits page and choose a deposit plan. Follow the steps on the page.

How long does it take for my deposit to be active?

The deposits are automatically confirmed on the Block Chain, and may be anything from 10minutes to a couple of hours?

How will I know my deposit was successful?

You will receive an email notification. In future a push notification through our App.

What is the duration of a deposit?

Each deposit will be active, from time of confirmation in our system, for 10 weeks – 70 days

What do I get for my deposit?

You will receive up to 30% per week return on your active deposit.

Can the return be more than 30%?

No, and we do not guarantee 30 % per week. Our traders do their best to return 30% per week, but nothing in life is guaranteed, so we pay UP TO 30% PER WEEK

When do I get this return?

Each package needs to run 7days to earn 30%. You can then submit a withdrawal after that and that withdrawal will be paid out the Friday after that to your wallet or you can decide to reinvest it by using the funds to purchase a new package. All withdrawls done before Thursday 5pm will be paid out the Friday. Minimum payout is $10 and each withdrawal have a 3% admin fee taken from it.

Will I get my deposit back after 10 weeks?

No. Your return over the 10-week period includes the deposit.

Is there a limit on the amount of deposits?

No. There is no limit on the amount of active deposits you can have. If we introduce a limit in the future, we will send out an email communication about such a limit.

Can I withdraw my profits?

You have 2 options: Pay-out or Re-Invest. Thus if you don’t re-invest, you will be paid out to the BTC Wallet address on record automatically.

I see on the Telegram Group that members have received pay-outs and I haven’t…

Please allow up to 24 hours for any pay-run to reflect in your wallet.

What can I do after 24 hours and haven’t received pay-out?

First off all, make sure you have an active deposit and that your BTC address is correct on your profile. Also make sure your deposits was received and confirmed before the cut-off time of Monday 00h00 SAST. If all is correct, feel free to connect with us at [email protected]

Do you have any commission structures in place?

Yes. You will receive a 5% referral commission from all new members’ deposit on active accounts.

How will I “link” new prospects to my profile?

By using your unique referral link – find it in the app or on the website

Can I withdraw my commissions?

No. You can only redeem your commission by requesting it to be converted into an active deposit for your account and only for your account. NOTE: You need to match any commission conversion request by matching the commission amount with a deposit equal or more than the commission. Example: You have $100 in comms. You need to match that $100 with another $100 out of pocket. Thus - $100+$100=$200 activates a new deposit package.

Can I “save” up my commissions?

Yes. Keep in mind that commissions are valid for 70 days and will expire.

Can I re-invest? Also known as compounding…

Yes. You will be able to re-invest. Keep in mind that you can not re-invest partially. Re-invest full pay-out or take full pay-out. Please look for the setting on your back-office and/or in the App.

What if I want to change my Bitcoin Pay-out address?

Please let us know by contacting support at [email protected]

Can I partake in the exchange without Kringles?

Yes. You may but there are certain rules and regulations that will be implemented on your account. You will need to buy Kringles from a trusted seller. We have a specific pool and links on the app and website for you to follow.

What if I don’t want to buy Kringle?

We are a TBC BTC Donation Exchange. You need to have Kringles if you want to partake in our exchange – See previous Question!!!

What happens to my deposit after I loaded and paid it?

Your deposit is transferred to our Master Trader’s Account where we let our Professional Traders trade the capital on Forex and Crypto Markets.

Can I request a refund?

No. We cannot refund a received deposit. No exception to this rule.

What will happen if the site goes down?

All data of profiles and personal information is stored on secure servers. We will not lose that data and we will be able to restore all information as needed.

Do you have maintenance down-time on the system?

We might from time to time have to take the system off-line for maintenance.

Will the exchange be open over the December Festive Season?

No. We will pause /close the system in December of every year. Dates will differ from year to year. 2019 will be from 21st December to the 6th of January 2020. There will be no new deposits, re-investments or pay-outs during this break.

Do you have an age restriction to your program?

Yes. You must be 18 years or older to participate in the exchange.

Can I transfer my account to a relative or friend?

Please talk to admin about this. We believe each case has its own merit…

Can I transfer funds from my account to a relative or friend’s account?


Can my family inherit my account?

Yes. Speak to admin and we will assist you. There might be certain restrictions that apply.

What are the advantages of being a TBC member? (What’s the deal?)

TBC Mission Statement: Our mission is to serve one another with love and respect and use The Billion Coin to lift humanity out of hunger, poverty, and misery. May the scales of ignorance fall from each that we touch; and may they each embrace a life full of abundance and prosperity as they accept our offer of free membership within The Billion Coin community. That within it they can enjoy all the benefits of using a completely decentralized crypto-currency, that truly respects the financial privacy of each that use it. It’s within our power to bring in merchants of all kinds from every corner of the Earth to accept TBC for payment for their goods and services. May The Billion Coin reach its full potential one day when the community grows to a Billion verified members locking the Ultimate Price of TBC to One-Billion-Euros per coin. Our mission is great! Our Mission is good! May each of us do our part to fulfil it.

Where can I buy Bitcoin?

This is country specific, and it’s best if you search for an exchange in your country. Feel free to look at these global exchanges and see if they are available in your country. Feel free to look at these global exchanges and see if they are available in your country. or or or

I don’t get the Question I am looking for…

Connect with us on our Telegram Group: We have a beautiful Community of member who will be able to assist you. ALSO talk to the person who invited you into the exchange.

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All personal data which you provide the company are stored in an environment of strict confidentiality and are protected by the Law on protection of personal data. All your personal data can be used by the company only for optimization of donation interaction between and Donator, and also for improvement of quality of the provided services